Moogilicious (mooglosaurus) wrote in 10bestthings,

Heaven is back!!

Beautiful sun means good mood.

And good mood means finding happiness in small things, right?

10 things I have right now that make me happy:

1. baby girl is napping, being tired, her nap will last long
2. le fiancee is out
3. he is out getting a new tv (birthday present from his parents)
4. house is kinda clean so nothing to worry about
5. brand new CSI episode to watch
6. milk and cookies
7. baby girl is so great that I have nothing to worry about
8. had a whole night sleep so I'm not feeling like napping
9. the cats are watching the parc, hugging each other, occasionally catching a fly
10. this all adds up to this perfect moment; for the first time since giving birth I can take  time for myself, doing something I actually CHOSE to do, something with only one purpose: MY PLEASURE!!

Sigh... I've been waiting for this!!
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