Moogilicious (mooglosaurus) wrote in 10bestthings,

Sometimes it's good to think about what's good in your life

So I had a little baby about a month and a half ago. And because of being tired, I kinda feel depressed all the time (throw in a babyblues maybe?). I believe it is good to remind myself about all that is going well in my life!

1. I have a beautiful, beautiful daughter
2. Her father is caring, sweet and protective of the both of us
3. We live in a nice little appartment surrounded by trees and a river
4. Our days are filled with friends visiting us and family sending us gifts
5. I have a good job where I meet loads of fun people
6. My two cats are ever so sweet, they are a little curious of the little princess
7. I make new friends thanks to the little princess
8. I am in perfect shape and am proud to take the stairs instead of the elevator every day
9. I fit into my old fattie-clothes again. I lost weight once, I'm sure I'll be able to lose weight once more!
10. I'm loved!
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