Moogilicious (mooglosaurus) wrote in 10bestthings,

10 great things I've done during this pregnancy

1. Poledancing in the subway
2. Be Columbia and do the Timewarp
3. Walz in the rainy night with the conceiver
4. Dance a kinda-salsa with a guy who told me he regretted that he had broken up with me (AT LAST!!!)
5. Napping with le boyfriend in the hot summer sun, at the foot of the Eiffel tower, in the grass
6. Have an Indiana Jones-moment when waddling up the stairs towards mechanically closing doors and an arriving subway train I just couldn't miss
7. Being treated as the queen-of-creating-life-in-her belly by loads of people (going to miss that!)
8. Fighting the funky stroller and winning (it doesn't fall apart anymore)
9. Have a personal slave who helps me put my shoes on (thank you my love!!)
10. Having a daily threesome cuddle in the morning before waking up... The circle of love is the yayness ^^

I think the birth will be on the next full moon: November 24th!

Still need good vibes and thoughts so she turns head down =^_______^=

Thanks, blessings!!
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