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Ten Best Things about Nov.

1. Writing a novel: http://www.livejournal.com/misc/nanowrimo.bml
2. It's finally cool enough to wear all the knifty hats and scarves I've knitted and crocheted.
3. I'm doing a craft fair on Nov. 10. Wish me luck.
4. Hopefully we'll finally get some rain in crispy S. California.
5. Sales in my etsy shop will pick up. http://www.pigglewiggins.etsy.com
6. I'll have more time to read.
7. I'll have more time to sew.
8. I'll get a rest from gardening.
9. Cooler weather.
10. My income from Adsense will go up as more people will be on the internet when the weather outside is cold and unfriendly.
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