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10 Best Things About Sophomore Year

Next week I have a ton of exams, but while I may be stressed I think it's good to reflect on the accomplishment and growth of the past school year.

01. I am now double majoring in Human Rights in addition to Political Science.
02. I have stepped up my protesting and lobbying this year, and have gained experience in actually speaking to Congressmen about issues I care about.
03. I have gained the confidence to actually chase after a guy (and catch him, too.)
04. I have gone from agnostic humanist to, well, agnostic humanist. But there has been a rollercoaster ride inbetween as I continue to search for some religion or spirituality to fill a little hole I have missing.
05. I have learned to cut ties with people who were no good for me, and have been looking out for myself a little better. No more doormat.
06. Rooming with my best friend worked out wonderfully...our friendship has only grown.
07. I have met a lot more wonderful people this year who share my values and beliefs.
08. I have actively been trying new things. And loving them.
09. I have gone to tons of concerts, and have found out that Cleveland's music scene isn't half bad.
10. I have been diving into life head first lately. And it's been wonderful.
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