Pet in Blue (finding_bleu) wrote in 10bestthings,
Pet in Blue


cos the last post reminded me that I neglect posting here too much and I really do like to read other people's '10 best'...

1) I heard my cat's favourite song on the radio while I was out and it reminded me that (and why) my cat HAS a favourite song and just reminded me of how much I love (And appreciate) that little furry beast (both of my furry little beasts)!!

2) My partner just makes me happy in general and today was no exception.

3) Remembering to count the little things.

4) Free internet while enjoying a delicious giant cup of latte earlier.

5) An LJ friend is going to be in town tomorrow for a few hours to hang out for real!

6) Lovely moonlight filtering in as I type.

7) Good hair day.

8) New makeup/feeling pretty.

9) Everyone is alive, well and healthy.

10) I remembered to pay my auto insurance on time (for once, it is due in two days, I paid it today)

It was a good day over all, in general.
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