Pet in Blue (finding_bleu) wrote in 10bestthings,
Pet in Blue

Ten for today...

I haven't seen a post from this community in a long time!

So, I am going to make one.
I don't really FEEL like I have a lot of reason to be happy, but I know I do.

I still do have a few reasons to make a list... Not in any particular order:

10) As much as I doubt it at time, in the thick of it, I am pretty lucky that things tend to work out well, that I do ok and I don't have to worry about falling too far, other than within my own self doubt.

09) Purring kitties who remind me that I am loved, even when I feel unworthy.

08) The things I can not doubt, even though I try to. Those emotions, the love, the support I recieve, even when I can't believe it's coming to me or I can't 'see' it.

07) Finding a way to be useful in my sleeplessness and dealing with my insomnia in a productive way (and NOT be grumpy with everyone because of my lack of sleep).

06) Taxes is still bad, but not nearly as bad as I feared!

05) I get to do a lot of cool things in my life. Probably far more than a lot of people.

04) Sometimes, I get reminders that one person can make a difference. just an example - and she's right, it really just is about kindness and the simple acts of kindness ultimately DO add up and make a difference.

03) Feeling good about ME, even when I feel down. Being more proactive IN *me* - eating better, that I am sticking to working out - and I make a point of doing something active every day and I do it and I feel better for it.

02) I have some great friends and I know some kickass people!

01) Remembering to find the happy, even when I don't feel so great.
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