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4th July 2015

nyxalinth6:25pm: So, is this why Karl Marx was so for it?
"I'm not a doctor of any kind but it sounds like you have all the symptoms of depression. Lack of any socialism or any want to do anything."

There must be a lot of depressed Capitalists, then :D

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30th September 2008

mooglosaurus6:57am: Time to do this again
Where is the love?

1. I love my man who loves me loving him lovingly
2. I have so many people caring for me
3. My baby, I do so well with her!!
4. It's early autumn so soon enough to still enjoy green leaves and late enough to start to see great colours
5. My motivated colleagues
6. My brain. I'm smart, I can get where-ever I want
7. My family, heck after 31 1/2 years we still love each other
8. My cats... they are so sweet...
9. God. Period.
10. Me.........

26th April 2008

mooglosaurus5:28pm: Heaven is back!!
Beautiful sun means good mood.

And good mood means finding happiness in small things, right?

10 things I have right now that make me happy:

1. baby girl is napping, being tired, her nap will last long
2. le fiancee is out
3. he is out getting a new tv (birthday present from his parents)
4. house is kinda clean so nothing to worry about
5. brand new CSI episode to watch
6. milk and cookies
7. baby girl is so great that I have nothing to worry about
8. had a whole night sleep so I'm not feeling like napping
9. the cats are watching the parc, hugging each other, occasionally catching a fly
10. this all adds up to this perfect moment; for the first time since giving birth I can take  time for myself, doing something I actually CHOSE to do, something with only one purpose: MY PLEASURE!!

Sigh... I've been waiting for this!!

12th January 2008

mooglosaurus3:39pm: Sometimes it's good to think about what's good in your life
So I had a little baby about a month and a half ago. And because of being tired, I kinda feel depressed all the time (throw in a babyblues maybe?). I believe it is good to remind myself about all that is going well in my life!

1. I have a beautiful, beautiful daughter
2. Her father is caring, sweet and protective of the both of us
3. We live in a nice little appartment surrounded by trees and a river
4. Our days are filled with friends visiting us and family sending us gifts
5. I have a good job where I meet loads of fun people
6. My two cats are ever so sweet, they are a little curious of the little princess
7. I make new friends thanks to the little princess
8. I am in perfect shape and am proud to take the stairs instead of the elevator every day
9. I fit into my old fattie-clothes again. I lost weight once, I'm sure I'll be able to lose weight once more!
10. I'm loved!

13th November 2007

mooglosaurus8:31pm: 10 great things I've done during this pregnancy
1. Poledancing in the subway
2. Be Columbia and do the Timewarp
3. Walz in the rainy night with the conceiver
4. Dance a kinda-salsa with a guy who told me he regretted that he had broken up with me (AT LAST!!!)
5. Napping with le boyfriend in the hot summer sun, at the foot of the Eiffel tower, in the grass
6. Have an Indiana Jones-moment when waddling up the stairs towards mechanically closing doors and an arriving subway train I just couldn't miss
7. Being treated as the queen-of-creating-life-in-her belly by loads of people (going to miss that!)
8. Fighting the funky stroller and winning (it doesn't fall apart anymore)
9. Have a personal slave who helps me put my shoes on (thank you my love!!)
10. Having a daily threesome cuddle in the morning before waking up... The circle of love is the yayness ^^

I think the birth will be on the next full moon: November 24th!

Still need good vibes and thoughts so she turns head down =^_______^=

Thanks, blessings!!

11th November 2007

xoitalianaxo11:48pm: 10 Wonderful Things About November And Fall
And in no particular order...

1. Daylight Savings Time = An extra hour of sleep
2. Thanksgiving (My favorite holiday!)
3. The Holiday Season (Even if I think they're pushing it on us entirely too early)
*Thank you to my friend Kevin for these*
4. The weather is FINALLY cold!
5. Deep, rich nail polish colors
6. My tweed pea coat (Even with the missing button)
7. The smell of wood burning and fireplaces going
8. The leaves have finally changed colors after a very warm September and October
9. My bed is so warm
10. Pumpkin Spiced Lattes from Starbucks

28th October 2007

fayme5:44pm: Ten Best Things about Nov.
1. Writing a novel: http://www.livejournal.com/misc/nanowrimo.bml
2. It's finally cool enough to wear all the knifty hats and scarves I've knitted and crocheted.
3. I'm doing a craft fair on Nov. 10. Wish me luck.
4. Hopefully we'll finally get some rain in crispy S. California.
5. Sales in my etsy shop will pick up. http://www.pigglewiggins.etsy.com
6. I'll have more time to read.
7. I'll have more time to sew.
8. I'll get a rest from gardening.
9. Cooler weather.
10. My income from Adsense will go up as more people will be on the internet when the weather outside is cold and unfriendly.
Current Mood: thankful

27th August 2007

mistress_moogle7:37am: 10 best things this morning
1. Having a bad dream but waking up to realise it was only a dream
2. losing my fears and even learning how to not fear to be touched
3. Enjoying my pregnant body, I love this baby so much
4. Finally sun!!!!
5. Getting to wear a beautiful lace dress
6. Having cuddly cats
7. Having toast for breakfast
8. Being happy is so neat!!!
9. Waking up the loved one with a purring kitten
10. Being able to share all of this on the internet =^_______^=

16th July 2007

mistress_moogle11:11pm: 1. it's not raining, there's some sun
2. the baby started moving, we just felt it while dancing a waltz =^_______^=
3. I found a midwife, it's going to be a midman
4. I'm on holiday!!
5. all is well everywhere in my life again
6. I went to the doctor and she congratulated me on everything going great
7. le boyfriend is a darling
8. when I'll come back home, all will be clean and the place will be sparkling
9. the cat is on a trip to friends with a cat
10. I'm resting loads!

13th June 2007

lauranoir9:44pm: What fun!
The Ten Best Things About My Trip To Myrtle Beach
1. I got to spend three hours at the aquarium petting the rays.
2. I got to spend three days with my girls!
3. We stayed in the penthouse suite-it was WOW!
4. We found the best hush puppies in the southeast!
5. We spent hours out on our private balcony talking.
6. The view from our balcony was astonishing!
7. No one got sunburned.
8. I got to handle a small shark-they really do feel like sandpaper!
9. I didn't have to drive at all!!!!!
10. My mother-in-law and aunt-in-law paid for EVERYTHING! I'll never be able to thank them enough!
Current Mood: thankful

2nd June 2007

lauranoir8:57pm: Some days are 10 times better than others : )
1. I got to spend some quality time with my husband over the last two days.
2. I worked out in my studio on my boxes and they are comming along well.
3. Work as not been too bad.
4. The car still runs!
5. The rain finally slacked up so it wasn't so hard to drive to work.
6. I went to www.adoptasoldier.com and adopted two Marines and I'm writing letters to them.
7. My mother's house sold and we should be getting the money soon (hopefully).
8. My daughter returned from her trip safe and sound.
9. My husband and I went out to dinner for the first time in about a year.
10. I'm still in a size 12. : )

10th May 2007

lauranoir10:20pm: Optimism reigns!
1. I have decided to play the cards I have been dealt and do the best I can with them.
2. The last few days at work have been positive.
3. I got to spend my day off watching Gary Sinise movies.
4. Ferrero Rocher
5. Heather is finished with her clinicals for the summer. It's nice to have her not exhausted all the time anymore.
6. I've stopped worrying so much about my hair.
7. But, I figured out how to put on eye shadow so it flatters my age.
8. I found a ton of great pictures on Photobucket.
9. I think my husband was able to fix our PC! Yea!
10. Mac was cleared on CSI:NY!! Yea!!!
Current Mood: ditzy

7th May 2007

ben folds
2. mountain dew
3. finally being comfortable w who my friends are.
4. sleeping during biology
5. estando bien a español
6. stealing a's nudey girl pics for my own locker.
7. showing the boyf my new shirt
8. talking until really late w the boyf about nothing ( and everything. )
9. winks from across the room
10. having more guy friends than girlfriends.
Current Mood: cheerful

6th May 2007

frameitup8:41pm: 10 best things about having the house to yourself for the day

#1. Sleeping for as late as i see fit.
#2. Mooching around in PJ's till half one
#3. Having time to make lovely warm porridge with honey for breakfast
#4. Sliding on the laminate flooring in socks
#5. Actually getting some work done
#6. Having music on as loud as I want
#7. Singing as embarassingly as I want (to old blink 182 cd's *hides*)
#8. Free reign of the TV
#9. Conversations with the cat
#10.Dancing until I collapse


Current Mood: content

4th May 2007

fairymay32058:43pm: 10 Best Things About Sophomore Year
Next week I have a ton of exams, but while I may be stressed I think it's good to reflect on the accomplishment and growth of the past school year.

01. I am now double majoring in Human Rights in addition to Political Science.
02. I have stepped up my protesting and lobbying this year, and have gained experience in actually speaking to Congressmen about issues I care about.
03. I have gained the confidence to actually chase after a guy (and catch him, too.)
04. I have gone from agnostic humanist to, well, agnostic humanist. But there has been a rollercoaster ride inbetween as I continue to search for some religion or spirituality to fill a little hole I have missing.
05. I have learned to cut ties with people who were no good for me, and have been looking out for myself a little better. No more doormat.
06. Rooming with my best friend worked out wonderfully...our friendship has only grown.
07. I have met a lot more wonderful people this year who share my values and beliefs.
08. I have actively been trying new things. And loving them.
09. I have gone to tons of concerts, and have found out that Cleveland's music scene isn't half bad.
10. I have been diving into life head first lately. And it's been wonderful.
Current Mood: cheerful
rochester_angel8:13pm: 1. Watching my bird babies play, I love them so much I still can't believe how lucky I am to be their Mommy!
2. Buying lots of fabric on sale and getting it ready to make a really big quilt for my room.
3. Having a really good day at work, having a job I am good at and that I love.
4. Finding out how great my angels are and how much they do for me.
5. Having my seeds start to grow.
6. Being able to sit down and sew whenever I want cause my sewing machine is finally set up.
7. Not having a migraine today.
8. Living in my own apartment but in the same house with people I love.
9. Having food and everything I need till payday.
10.Spring, no coat, working outside in the garden.
Current Mood: bouncy
whisperofluster5:36pm: this community makes me so happy. :)

1. actually good christian music
2. fostering the cutest kittens
3. chicken nuggets from micky d's
4. showers at friend's houses
feeling excited
henna tattoos
8. sharing clothes w my 11 y/o sister
9. getting an adorable text
10. having really really frikin sweet friends.
Current Mood: happy
lauranoir4:17am: May 4th 10 Best Things
1. Finding 10besthings.
2. I'm on vacation.
3. I think we've caught up our house payments.
4. Fitting into a size 12.
5. Making jewelry and boxes in my studio.
6. Working seriously on my story for fanfiction.net
7. Hoping my husband gets the job he has a second call-back for.
8. Fixing my PC, sort of.
9. Ferrero Rocher--yum!
10. Being lazy on the couch watching all the recorded CSI's(New York, Miami, and Las Vegas) with my dog.

3rd May 2007

finding_bleu1:15am: cos...
cos the last post reminded me that I neglect posting here too much and I really do like to read other people's '10 best'...

Ten best things about todayCollapse )

2nd May 2007

whisperofluster11:52pm: i'll try.. :)

1. *hopefully* recieving a 100% on a biology retest that i had gotten a 57% on last week.
2. p buying me a soda for lunch.
3. cuddling with p.
4. talking about summer with p.
5. eating a lot of sunflower seeds.
6. driving well.
7. that nice, warm shower.
8. crying for a good length of time.
9. watching pandas on youtube.
10. taking magazine quizzes with j.

28th April 2007

mistress_moogle6:02pm: 10 best things about being single for a weekend
1. your cat can't judge you on your singing capacities when singing MIKA or Lili Allen
2. unshaved legs are ok
3. you can hold a "My Name is Earl"-marathon with chips and ginger ale
4. you can take your time picking your zits out in the mirror
5. you can read silly teenage books
6. your cat gets your undivided attention when he miaws
7. you go out and come back whenever
8. you can miss your boyfriend loads and know you just love him ^^
9. you can have an all ladies night at the movies
10. you smile at yourself all the time for being this silly

3rd April 2007

finding_bleu1:55am: Ten for today...
I haven't seen a post from this community in a long time!

So, I am going to make one.
I don't really FEEL like I have a lot of reason to be happy, but I know I do.

A reminderCollapse )

18th February 2007

mistress_moogle3:27pm: My joy, this morning is:

1. doing a manucure
2. having an Iris facial mask
3. dying my hair
4. watching Spongebob learning you how to tie your shoes
5. waiting for le boyfriend bringing fresh croissants
6. being under the softest blanket in the world
7. seeing the blue blue sunny sky in anticipation of the Chinese New Year Parade
8. knowing I'm about to go to Ikea
9. drinking the same yummy fruit juice I drank when I was on hollidays at my grannies ^^, out of my favorite cup
10. still being able to smell the first Valentines bouquet someone ever gave to me (longlasting!)

The best thing about this list is that I'm doing all these things at the same time :D

15th January 2007

cherry_picked3:18pm: 10 best things...
1* cherries
2* HIS eyelashes
3* granny and grandpa
4* old photos
5* jokes (there is no silly)
6* snow (still waiting fot it)
7* good books
8* good (not from hollywood) films
9* tears (of happiness)
10* L O V E (last but not the least)
Current Mood: loved

11th January 2007

xoitalianaxo12:56am: 10 Best Things About Olde City
1. Writing Olde City, not Old City
2. The Continental
3. Walking along the streets
4. Sitting inside Starbucks or Old City Coffee (outside when the weather permits)
5. Lake Blue's Honey Mustard Chicken Wraps
6. The shops
7. Viv Pickle
8. Lots of bars
9. Art galleries
10. First Fridays
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